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About Us

The Story Behind Bubble Butt

We’re winemakers.

At the beginning, we set out to make champagne in a can, which proved to be very difficult. Along the way we got hooked on seltzer (like the rest of the world) and fell in love with delightful California rosé.
Our spiked seltzer is made up of 100% natural ingredients and are thus superior to other synthetically flavored malt-based seltzers available in the market.
Bubble Butt is at the heart of the three delicious beverages - sparkling wine, rosé, and hard seltzer. All in a very #nicecan
We may be cheeky, "butt" we take seltzer seriously.
Made with classic California wine grapes
100% all natural ingredients
Champagne style bubbles
8.4% ABV
3 cans = 1 bottle of wine
Shipping included on every order for a limited time.
 Be classy. Drink Bubble Butt. 

You’ve never tasted anything like it.

Our Process

We may be cheeky, but we take seltzer seriously. Bubble Butt is not a low-alcohol beverage made with malt liquor (we’re looking at you, leading seltzer brands). Here’s what we do differently:</p>
<ul class="bullet-image">
<li>We use only all-natural ingredients and no synthetic flavorings</li>
<br>We harvest California sparkling wine grapes at low sugar levels and vibrant acidity</li>
<br>We capture and enhance the pure fruit flavors with a cool fermentation in stainless steel</li>
<br>We add seltzer right before canning at the highest carbonation levels to produce champagne-style bubbles</li>


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