Bubble Butt Rosé Seltzer
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Experience superior seltzer.
We may be cheeky, "butt" we take seltzer seriously.
Made with classic California wine grapes
100% all natural ingredients
Champagne style bubbles
8.4% ABV
3 cans = 1 bottle of wine
Shipping included on every order for a limited time.

 Be classy. Drink Bubble Butt.

Customer Reviews

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The word is out

The reviews are in

This is the BEST canned rosé ever. We have tried almost everything on the market and this takes the cake. 1000/10 we recommend.


These little canned wine seltzers are a must try. One sip and I promise you'll be in love.


This naughty "butt" nice drop packs a nice little buzz at 8.4% alcohol, but drinks CLEAN (move over White Claw)! Flavors of tart red cherries and strawberry. Texture is frothy and fabulous.


A fun and tasty rose seltzer. These are one of the best wine seltzers we've tried. It's a mixture between White Claw, rose, and bubbles. It truly is a masterpiece between a seltzer and wine!


Bubble Butt has quickly become one of my go to canned drinks. So yummy, so dry, so crisp and the bubbles hit so nicely.


It is so so delicious. The fizz was amazing when I popped open the can. The finish is crisp, balanced, and refreshing. I can't wait to tell my friends about it. I absolutely love it!


I'll be honest, I don't typically drink hard seltzers because it gives me the worst headache. BUT...this one doesn't!! I am so damn impressed with this can, and I know you will be too!


Sometimes even I need a little break from wine & these rose seltzers do just the trick. They're dry, fruit-forward, & refreshing. They'll definitely be my go-to beach drink.